Get to Know Skip

It could be said that mine is the scenic route to mounting a career in music.  I grew up loving the music on popular radio, which at the time was a military broadcast in West Germany.  I also absorbed my taste in music from those of my older sisters.  Two were teens and one a couple years short as Motown and the British Invasion were hitting their strides.  Too young to imagine what I wanted to be when I grew up, I do remember loving those recordings, the feel good vibe of the music behind the voices and the vocal arrangements.  Learning the words, I enjoyed singing along to them.

Years later, I would discover my own knack for writing lyrics to melodies I had inside my head.  Further on still, I would develop the ability to create music backgrounds for these lyrics and melodies.  I have no formal education in music, though I initially wanted to study music.  I simply wasn't allowed to.  Yet, here I am, moving into my sixth decade, and making music is what I want to do more than anything else as a mission.

Although I enjoy singing and laying down vocals for my songs, I relish the thought of engaging other singers and musicians to lend their talents to my projects - people who are more capable as singers and/or instrumentalists than I.

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